Food Photography FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Will My Photo Shoot Take Place

Here are your options: the shooting can take place in your restaurant, kitchen, bar or location of your choice or, if you prefer, there are a few rental studios that I can recommend in DMV area. For small photo shoots, I frequently use my home studio space.

How Many Pictures We Can Shot In A Day?

It depends on the type and complexity of the food and complexity of the shot. Sometimes we spend a whole day taking 6 to 8 shots and sometimes we take 12 to 18 shots in a day.

How Soon Will I Receive My Images?

Photos are turned in between 4-7 days after the shoot.It may take a little bit longer for complex shots that require rendering and retouching.

How Will You deliver the Photos?

We deliver the images to you any way you wish, but our delivery is normally via a downloadable link that we email to you. You can simply click on the link and download and save all the final images to your computer. The pictures will be shot in high resolution and are delivered in both hi res and low res. Low Res photos can be used on sosial media, websites and any kind of online presentation in general, and high res photos can be used for printing purposes.

How Much Does It Cost?

The complexity of your food photography project will determine the cost. Basically, we charge for our time and in order to give you a price quote, we need to know the details and requirements of your project . To get a price quote, please check our pricing page and fill out the form.

How Can I Use My Pictures?

You can use pictures in brochures, magazines, websites and many other forms of advertising and publicity, the possibilities are endless. Our pictures are taken with the thought in mind that you may want to see them reperoduced on a billboard so image quality is not an issue and you will not be charged extra for the priveledge. Your pictures are yours to use as you wish.

What Are the location Requirements?

Your premises must be suitable for our photographic equipment, with adequate space and electrical points. Please allocate a private area away from the public and busy walkways. Photoshoots must be done during daylight hours, this is because natural lighting is the best lighting! Of course, we bring a set of professional lighting just in case .

Should I Prepare the Food Before You Arrive?

Absolutely not, our best advise is to prepare the food right before we take the shoot so it will look fresh in the picture. Keep in mind that preparing food for photography is different than preparing food for consumption; often undercooking a dish can look more visually appealing through the medium of photography.

Will You Travel To Any Location?

We are happy to work in and around Washington D.C . We do however travel further afield, within the states of Maryland & Virginia, if a project is deemed to be beneficial enough for us to warrant extended traveling. Travel and accommodation expenses are applicable to such projects. However, there wont be ant additional charge if your location is within 35 miles radious from Bethesda, Maryland anywhere in the states of Virginia and Maryland, and there is no travel and accommodation expenses for the enitre Washington DC and Baltimore.